Welcome aboard…

Dear all…thank you for your interest in my website.

I’m here to give everyone news of where I am and what I’m doing as it has been quite some time since I was in familiar surroundings and my usual ‘habitat’ of Coigach/Assynt and Picture Shack!

I have just returned from a trip to Morocco after a 5 year absence. During my time there, apart from catching up with family and friends, revisiting all my old haunts and wallowing in the sometimes overpoweringly familiar sensations and memories, I was able to recheck my favourite painting spots and accommodations in order to restart my painting holidays there, so watch this space!

After leaving Picture Shack 2 summers ago and handing over the gallery premises to John, under the new name of Lochinver Landscapes, Picture Shack (as it was) has gone into hibernation once more, allowing me the freedom to concentrate on other ventures such as the painting holidays, teaching and more travel, which I always crave. My paintings are still on sale in Lochinver Landscapes alongside John’s photos and also displayed virtually and sold online via www.pictureshack.co.uk (or use the link on this site).

Finally breaking free from Lochinver and its undeniably strong pull, I spent winter 2012-13 in sweltering, intoxicating Sri Lanka where I researched and designed 2 painting holidays, soon to appear on my website www.sketchingholidays.co.uk. The holidays just need a few final tweaks so once again, watch this space!

I would have dearly loved to remain in Sri Lanka as it’s a very special place; very healing, comforting and inspiring, not to mention the smiling faces, gorgeous beaches and delicious food! Alas it is not as simple as I might have hoped and instead I ended up in an equally stunning location, totally different but no less fabulous: the Italian Dolomites.


Teaching watercolours to groups and individuals on holiday with Colletts’ Mountain Holidays (www.collettsmountainholidays.co.uk) … while learning a lot myself, too, as watercolour has not been my usual medium … I was able to spend every day outside in a beautiful mountain environment, mostly in perfect sunshine, although with the odd snowstorm thrown in! In addition I have a new love in my life as I discovered the sensuality and versatility of watercolours, taking my own work in a new direction.

I also managed a lot of wonderful walks including a couple of the famous ‘via ferratas’ (high level, protected paths where you need to clip yourself onto a cable) and have returned fitter than I have been for ages. Now I just need to keep it up during the next phase of my life’s journey, which will include Malaysia and Bali.

I plan to be in Asia for the whole of the European winter, although life can take unexpected turns and I have no fixed plans at this stage. I aim to provide updates here when I can but in the meantime if anyone would like to contact me about any of my businesses or just to say hi, please feel free to drop me a line.

Wishing everyone a wonderful winter!