Life’s for learning

In Morocco

I have just submitted my final assignment for year 1 of my Creative Writing Masters after a rather intensive few weeks redrafting and editing. The task was made somewhat easier by an enforced ten days incarceration having finally succumbed to Covid, just days before the rules changed and I would not be obliged to stay …

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Pretty as a Picture

Looking out of the window at the freezing rain you could be forgiven for thinking you’d dropped off to sleep in March and woken up in November; it’s difficult to believe that just two weeks ago it was like summer. On Saturday, it was spring; now I’m not sure what it is but that’s the …

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I could(n’t) eat a horse

‘What did you do on Christmas Day?’ they might ask. ‘I sat and wrote about it!’ Sad? Not really. Well, perhaps, if that’s your standpoint. Another deep, dark December has nearly passed and here I am, several days after the solstice, at home in Lochinver (not necessarily by choice, but not too unhappy about it) …

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