Sunshine Yellow

Daffodils watercolour sketch

The heralding of spring, some feel, is brought by snowdrops. Highland Stoneware has put them on a mug. No matter how pretty and hopeful they are undoubtedly are, however, snowdrops mean snow and, to my mind at least, ‘spring’ and ‘snow’ do not equate. With the exception, of course, of the yearly ‘lambing snows’, which …

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Firing the Imagination

Highland Stoneware pottery kiln

Despite the somewhat incredible fact that I’ve now been working at Highland Stoneware for around 7 years (albeit on a self-employed basis), I’m still a relative newcomer. Many of the extremely talented staff have been involved for decades and I feel very privileged as well as grateful to be a part of this successful enterprise, …

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What’s it all about?

Winter wonderland around Stac Pollaidh

When I first abandoned my established, comfortable life in a leap towards unpredicatable instability, few people had heard the word ‘blog’. Not everyone had an e-mail address and a computer was a luxury rather than a necessity. As I left my old life behind I bought my first laptop, on offer in Tesco, for £299. …

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Past, Future and something in between

How strange to find myself here, at this time of year, with no imminent plans to be anywhere else. The winter solstice is a special day in my calendar; the turning of the corner, the bringing of light and hope, the promise of warmer days returning (although in reality there are usually more cold ones …

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Tin Pan Alley

Following my recent experience, described in the last post, here is the ghost story (almost entirely factual) which I promised to share. Comments welcome on this one! (Photo: Revisting Cornwall and my favourite childhood haunts, crossing the stream at Tin Pan Alley in 2016) Tin Pan Alley On a rutted farm track on the edge …

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Feeding the soul

One of my greatest joys in life is finding food. Don’t laugh: Finding it in the fridge is good. If it’s actually made into something tasty, then that’s even better. What I mean, though, is finding it outside. Growing wild. On the hill, in the woods, along the shore, among the hedgerows. There is something …

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