September 2014

So suddenly the summer of 2014, which has been a relatively dry and often hot one, is hurtling to a close. The bracken is golden amongst the purple heather and the trees are slowly, if reluctantly, beginning to develop the odd yellow leaf. It is by no means autumn yet though, and chanterelles continue to sprout forth under the birches as they have since June, in what must be one of their longest seasons ever!

As for me, I have become hooked on the art (which perhaps has a little science thrown in) of mosaic-making. What started as a few test circles on flower planters progressed through the huge ‘seascape’-themed vase back onto circles, this time on the main wall leading to the Highland Stoneware showroom. here in Lochinver.

I can’t think of anything nicer on a hot summer’s day than standing a stone’s throw from our otter-infested bay doing giant jigsaws of my own creation, using the most delicious pieces of broken crockery, breathing new life into them and feeling satisfaction and pride as the visitors take photographs of them all.
If I could make a full-time career of this I surely would, although as the days become cooler my thoughts are turning to warmer climes once again and it’s time to focus more intensely on my Painting Holidays Abroad project, which I hoped to have started by this October.
Alas still no completed website, although anyone interested in sketching trips to Sri Lanka or Morocco should contact me as there may well be groups going this winter.

While I plan to leave Lochinver and the UK by the middle of November, I will be returning regularly enough to ensure the Lochinver Landscapes gallery always has a selection of my work
Meanwhile, as always, I can be contacted (and commissioned) here.