Spring in Sussex

2015-01-29 17.50.09Since my last update, the winter months have seen me trundling around the UK visiting some old haunts as well as some old friends, pursuing a variety of short-term solutions to what is luckily a temporary problem, which has seen my globe-trotting wings clipped and creative juices somewhat stifled.

I managed a short visit to friends and family in Morocco in October, reminding myself once again what a fantastic painting environment the country provides, spurring me on to finalise my Painting Holidays portfolio. Better late than never, the website is in the first stages of construction as we speak.
A brief but very enjoyable spell in the Lake District early in 2015 has made me wonder about the sketching possibilities there also. It is, of course,  immersion in unspeakable beauty, although the area does suffer from unpredictable weather, probably even more so than NW Scotland and is also so much busier. That said, it is very accessible from most parts of the UK so any feedback – enthusiastic or otherwise – on this as a Sketching Holiday destination would be greatly appreciated.
As always, if anyone has a particular destination in mind (anywhere in the world) which they are desperate to explore and paint, I am open to suggestions and ready to discuss and organise customised trips.
Now as the sun has reappeared over the horizon in the northern hemisphere I am preparing to return to my default summer location of Lochinver, where I’ll be doing some pottery decorating at Highland Stoneware along with some gardening; probably more mosaics if I’m lucky, and of course, keeping the gallery topped up.
Meanwhile I am enjoying some line-and-wash work of my friends’ childrens’ pets!