Pottering, potting and pots

IMG_20150613_182945Although we are now a couple of weeks past the summer solstice, you wouldn’t know it, as we in the ‘Frozen North’ are still waiting for good weather. As I write the mountains of Suilven and Canisp are still under their duvets and look as if they will stay there all day. The strong winds which destroyed the delphiniums on Saturday (which, along with everything else in the garden, were very late on parade) has subsided but those of us who like to spend time outside, and who are trying to look after a garden as part of their living, are somewhat impatient.

I have known ‘summers’ like this before, however, and later on in the year we are sure to have the last laugh.
It’s still a beautiful place and I am lucky enough to have satisfying creative work inside as I explore the new and challenging skill of painting pottery using glazes.
Although we use watercolour brushes, that is where the similarity ends! The colours look entirely different once they are fired so at first it is like painting in the dark. Once used to that, it is then a matter of getting the consistency exactly right. Too much water and the colours will appear washed-out. Too little and the effects can be disasterous! But I am never one to shy from a challenge and along with some terrible results I have had some successes. When it works, this medium is truly stunning and I feel priviledged to be a part of this great local business.
As I wait for the chance to relocate, the Sketching Holidays website is being produced. I am excited to be able to announce departures to Italy, Morocco, Sri Lanka and to this beautiful part of Scotland. While we are waiting for the website to become ‘live’ you can contact me for details. Beginners very welcome!