I could(n’t) eat a horse

‘What did you do on Christmas Day?’ they might ask. ‘I sat and wrote about it!’ Sad? Not really. Well, perhaps, if that’s your standpoint. Another deep, dark December has nearly passed and here I am, several days after the solstice, at home in Lochinver (not necessarily by choice, but not too unhappy about it) …

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Sunshine Yellow

Daffodils watercolour sketch

The heralding of spring, some feel, is brought by snowdrops. Highland Stoneware has put them on a mug. No matter how pretty and hopeful they are undoubtedly are, however, snowdrops mean snow and, to my mind at least, ‘spring’ and ‘snow’ do not equate. With the exception, of course, of the yearly ‘lambing snows’, which …

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